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Remple Upsets Poluyko in Northern Super Trucks at ALH

Posted on Oct. 2, 2016

Courtousy of The Dirt

Race Summary
Feature: Jamie Vernaus, Dustin Enns, Rene Poluyko, Dan Kilm, Rod Fidler.

Steven Bradley, Winnipeg, MB (October 1)Rene Poluyko led 10 trucks to green from the pole.

On lap 4, Jamie Vernaus powered by Poluyko for the lead exiting turn 2. Dustin Enns climbed into the top 3 after starting seventh when he passed Dan Klim for the position.

On lap 9, Enns completed a pass on Poluyko for the runner-up position entering turn 1. Over the remaining 6 laps Enns tried his best to cut into the lead Vernaus had built, but Vernaus ran a flawless line and easily collected his second feature win in as many nights. Enns finished in second while Poluyko, Klim and Rod Fidler all collected top 5 finishes.

Rene Poluyko and Dan Klim both picked up heat wins earlier in the night.

Jamie Vernaus captured the NSTR track championship 14 points over second place Dustin Enns. Rene Poluyko finished third in championship points 24 points back of the leader.

Remple Upsets Poluyko in Northern Super Trucks at ALH

Posted on May 25, 2016

Courtousy of The Dirt

Race Summary
Feature: Jeff Rempel, Rene Poluyko, Jamie Vernaus, Rod Fidler, Darren Lane. Heat: Vernaus, Fidler, Poluyko, Rempel, Lane.

Donald Mcleod, Morden, MB (June 19) Rene Poluyko, Mr. Excitement, from Winnipeg has enjoyed quite a bit of success at ALH Motor Speedway whenever the Northern Super Trucks pay a visit to the track. However on June 19 Jeff Rempel from Oak Bluff managed to finish first ahead of Poluyko. The last time the trucks were out Rempel had an eventful race but in the end managed to finish second. This time he got the big prize. Jamie Vernaus of Anola in the 2D and Rod Fidler of St. Andrews in the 2 always have a good battle and it was their battle that allowed Rempel to finish second the last time the trucks were out. Vernaus took third and Fidler fourth this time out with Darren Lane of Winnipeg fifth. In the heat race Vernaus was first followed by Fidler, Poluyko, Rempel and Lane.

Rene Poluyko wins first race at ALH

Posted on May 25, 2016

Courtousy of The Dirt

Race Summary
Feature: Rene Poluyko, Jeff Remple, Rod Fidler, Jamie Vernaus, Darren Lane, Wayne Grosky. Heat: Poluyko, Vernaus, Lane, Fidler DNF, Remple DNF, Grosky DNF.

Donald McLeod, Morden, Manitoba (May 22) There are some things one can depend on. One of them is that Rene Poluyko of Winnipeg is going to ride as high around the rim of ALH Motor Speedway in his number 73 machine as the traction will allow. And that is what ‘Mr. Excitement’ did as the Northern Super Trucks made their first visit to the track on May 22.

Though he was not running as high as he has in past visits to the track he was running high enough to make one wonder if he was going to be able to keep his truck in front and on the track. The track was dry and slick and that caught many off guard who tried to use the high line. Jamie Vernaus of Anola and Rod Fidler of St. Andrews tried the high line a few times and they weren’t able to make it work as well as Poluyko.

Jeff Remple of Oak Bluff was running lower on the track for the most part and he had a couple of spins when he got on the gas too quickly coming off the corner. Despite that he was able to come home with a second place finish ahead of Fidler and Vernaus.

Darren Lane of Winnipeg and Wayne Grosky of Winnipeg rounded out the field. Again, though the number of entries was not large, the action was exciting.

Poluyko who maintained his excitement by making plenty of noise and standing atop his truck with both arms raised in victory at the end of the race, also won the heat race with Vernaus second and Lane third. Fidler, Remple and Grosky did not finish.

2016 Racing season

Posted on April 27, 2016

Preparation for the 2016 racing season has begun at the Red River Co-op Speedway. The opener is Saturday, May 28 at 5PM.


Posted on April 27, 2016


#73P Rene Poluyko - NSTR Touring Points Champion with 1012 Points - RRCS Track Champion with 571 Points

#25 Eric and Jerome Guyut for 2nd Place NSTR Touring Points

#18 Dustin Enns and Jeff Rempel for 3rd Place NSTR Touring Points

#2 Rod Fidler and Tyson Heibert for Morden ALH Spweedway Track Champions

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